Welcome to HALO Inspirations! It didn't work. When the water and salt boils, turn down to a gentle boil and add flour and water. I know you'll find this spray so helpful for your projects. Homemade Quilt Basting Spray - where did I go wrong??? Fold the backing back down and smooth again. Or, consider using washable microfiber towelswhich are just as sustainable and even more cost-effective. And I did notice that sometimes the spray gets globby, so I wipe the nozzle just like spray paint when I finish. Sign up for my (mostly weekly) email newsletter and it's yours, FREE! Or it was, until I discovered basting spray. How to Make Homemade Spray Baste - YouTube 0:00 / 23:38 How to Make Homemade Spray Baste HollyAnne Knight at String & Story 14.8K subscribers Subscribe 14K views 3 years ago Store bought. Use scissors to trim long stray threads. I believe that quilting is more than just a 1/4 seam and that there is no such thing as the quilt police. First, bring your 2 cups of water to a boil in your saucepan with your salt and wait until it's completely dissolved. Basting spray glues the layers of a quilt together temporarily until you can quilt them together permanently with your sewing machine. Want to improve your quilting and have fun doing it? How would you like to spray-baste your quilts without the worry of harsh, chemical vapors? You should know that while I had the idea that Homemade Spray Baste must be possible, this is not my recipe. I had to clean my needles with 100% acetone to get the spray off my needles. Some quilters cover the basting area with taped-down newspaper or butcher paper. How would you like to spray-baste your quilts without the worry of harsh, chemical vapors? Dritz 403 Spray Adhesive Clear, 6 ounces. Click here to get the free Get Out of the Ditch guide to help you start. Subscribe to my Youtube channelto receive automatic notifications when new videos are posted. If the quilt is small, you can fold the backing in half. You can whip this spray up in no time with simple ingredients such as flour, rubbing alcohol or vodka, and water. You should be able to baste several bed-sized quilts with one can of basting spray. clean spray bottle (I bought one for about $3 in the cleaning section at target; a well rinsed Best Press bottle would probably work, too). I'll have to plan my projects so I have time for them to dry, but it will be well worth it to save so much money. It is CRUCIAL that the baste be completely dry or it will still be sticky/ gunky/ goopy. A can of adhesive spray, a quilt, and two pieces of fabric are required. Switched to fusible batting, okay but expensive for large quilts. 505 Spray and Fix and Sullivans also say they are acid-free. I've had to change the name since I've found that not only can it be used to temporarily baste your quilt sandwich, it's also perfect to stiffen fabric for using in digital cutters or for hand appliqu. 1 cup of water. You can baste on a wall, on the floor, or on a table. Join The Quilter's Way, a private online membership site that creates successful quilters. Pool noodle basting was a game changer for me (just like spray basting) and my knees thank me, because I can easily baste a big quilt on a relatively small extendable dining table. I use it but spray very lightly, and it works pretty well. If you do this, fold the batting into quarters and unfold it a quarter at a time onto the sprayed sections. Mine is basting. The moisture can leave excess oil behind, which could stain certain surfaces or leave them feeling dirty. Heres a review of its advantages and disadvantages, followed by step-by-step instructions for spray basting on a wall, the floor, or a table top. I thought I would try the Homemade basting spray. Theyre also easy to make, which makes them a great option if youre on a budget. Im wondering if I should start machine quilting from the center and work out or from the top and work down, etc. Consider these other tips for even more ways to make your home less dusty. flour; Basting Spray OR wash-away glue stick OR straight pins Rotary cutter See-through cutting ruler Thin (preferably see-through) pressing cloth or large piece of scrap quilting, Read More How to Sew Crazy T-Shirt Quilt BlocksContinue, I hear from lots of New Quilters readers who want to learn more easy free-motion quilting designs. Smooth the batting onto the sprayed area. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from links that you may find on the Chatterbox Quilts website. For very large quilts, work with about a quarter of the quilt at a time. I started out with Elmer's, worked great but a little messy. It will take a few dips and some scrubbing, but it is the best method. Nancy McNally is passionate about every aspect of quilting -- designing, piecing, quilting and binding. Fold down the section of quilt top, press it down and smooth it out, and repeat. Ironing can be used to speed the drying process on smaller items (I had a bit of iron gunking, but this was when my spray bottle was still putting out a thicker mixture rather than a spray-- see tip above about generous priming). Get your FREE printable download so you can make your own Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray. Works great! What Wipes Should You Use With This DIY Dust Cleaner? Nancy Zieman uses little snips of wonder under. Its fast! Learn how to use spray starch instead of hairspray or glue to baste your quilt. Add to that; (3-4 T Flour dissolved in 1 Cup room temp water, shake or stir so no lumps ) and whisk till gelatinous. Continue spraying the backing and smoothing the batting until the whole batting layer is adhered to the backing. Kim explains how to make this simple basting spray so you'll never have to. Trade precious dollars for a little patience and use this easy, cheap, and effective homemade spray baste! If your project is small, you can use this handy tutorial from the Crafty Gemini! There are no pins, stitches, or tacks to remove while you quilt. Shake well to mix. Check out The Confident FMQ Workbook to get started! In the past I've always reverted to store-bought basting sprays. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, http://www.quiltingboard.com/main-f1o-t196786.html, http://www.quiltingboard.com/quiltine-t196192.html. Fumes. If you get a wrinkle you can gently pull up the quilt top and get it out. Note: I used about 20 oz (most of a batch) for a 80x80 quilt. The baste was overall excellent. If you think it may take a very long time to finish a particular quilt, you may want to consider pin basting the quilt instead. It was first published on California Quilting, then Chatterbox Quilts made a video tutorial as well. The fabric should be smooth and taut when you are finished. Smooth away any wrinkles, working from the center to the outer edges. Very interesting! The photo above, by amy dame, shows a quilt being glamorously basted on the wall of her buildings laundry room. Ive also had bad experiences with the spray from Sullivans, which is why I now only use 505 Spray & Fix for basting. Always spray the batting! Shake well to combine ingredients. After all, heating a heavy iron made of iron on a stove that required stoking would be a terrible job. Shake well to mix. Make sure you arent spraying too much. Keeping your house clean can be challenging, especially since dust and allergens seem to accumulate in the wrong areas. Im Kim Jamieson-Hirst of Chatterbox Quilts, a YouTube creator and host of The Quilters Way. If you think that this information would be helpful for one of you friends, please share this blog post with them by clicking the "Share" icon below. (They both just need to be a few inches larger on all sides than the quilt top.) I never had any pleats or wrinkles in my quilts the whole time, and it washed out like a dream. (So much faster and easier than pin basting, using tacks, or hand stitching.). Land Acknowledgement:String & Story HQ is located on the traditional lands of the Yuchi & Cherokee Peoples. Her love for writing started when she was young and has only grown over time. Add 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and a teaspoon of hot sauce, if desired. As with all my quilts, I still used some "anchor pins" every 12-18" or so. Dust cleaners can be stored in a cabinet, shelf, or closet near the floorthese places are best as they have limited exposure to sunlight or heat sources. Lightly spray over the wrong side of the exposed backing fabric from side to side. When the water and salt boils, turn down to a gentle boil and add flour and water. I just used the SULKY KK 2000 temporary spray adhesive for the first time and its a real game changer. I tested two that I had handy with swatches of knit fabric and did not experience any separation of the interfacing. Click Here for Quilt Project HeyChalky RibbonsAndSilk eabdesigns WhiskerWorks Etsy Ads Spray the batting and fold down the quilt in sections. I would recommend testing a swatch before basting a quilt if you are concerned, though. Its certainly not perfect, but I still prefer it to pin basting or hand basting with needle and thread. Here's the recipe: 3 cups water (divided into 2 cups and 1 cup) 3 - 4 Tbsp. I used Quilt Basting Spray by Sulivans. Check the instructions on your can before you baste. Trim away any excess batting and backing fabric to reduce bulk while quilting. I would not recommend using it. Then, let the whole thing sit overnight so that everything is stable and dry when you go to quilt. If the wipes are too wet, they will leave too much moisture on your furniture or flooring surface. Pour some alcohol into the cup, dip toothbrush into alcohol, and scrub. Add 1 cup of rubbing alcohol* to that and shake. Learn how to make your own homemade quilt basting spray with simple ingredients. There's overspray everywhere, fumes and chemicals and most of all, expensive. I used to use June Tailor spray baste but they have changed the formula and now it is extremely smelly and does not spray near as well. Do the cooking part before you start dinner one night. If the quilt is large, fold back a section 9-12 inches wide. I'm looking forward to chatting with you there. Here's a recipe for a DIY quilt basting spray that has never failed. We never share your email with anyone. Thanks for the tip, Glenda. I followed the recipe to a T - and it just kept boiling and never thickening. And the reason we have it in fourth place is that it has a short staying power compared to the rest of the sprays in this review. Lightly spray one the backing with basting spray. Its essential to do your spray basting only in a well ventilated area. Nancy McNally is passionate about every aspect of quilting -- designing, piecing, quilting and binding. Learn how to prepare your fabric for digital cutters with homemade quilt basting spray. I love that I can type in a topic and get helpful tutorials. For the first twenty or more pumps, the mixture was goopy more like glue. Creates a temporary bond to eliminate pinning. I discovered a recipe for homemade quilt basting spray and I'm pleased to share it with you. It holds the layers together and never gums up the needle. Consider reusable glass spray bottles for easy refill and a sustainable cleaning solution. Thank you Chatterbox Quilts. However, adding the ingredients to the exterior is a surefire way to develop even more crunch, plus the depth of flavor that comes only as the . Your privacy is important! That ought to take out the basting glue. I fold back one half of the quilt and spray starting in the middle, working my way to the edge. Spray the batting where you will fold down the quilt top. Lightly spray one half of the backing with basting spray. If you are using a content blocker, check to see that you have not globally turned off Javascript. I would wipe down the sewing machine parts with alcohol. Kim Jamieson-Hirst of Chatterbox Quilts shows you another use for thi. (new Image()).src = 'https://capi.connatix.com/tr/si?token=2ba02a33-c319-4410-bba7-f8321a13bed3&cid=877050e7-52c9-4c33-a20b-d8301a08f96d'; cnxps.cmd.push(function () { cnxps({ playerId: "2ba02a33-c319-4410-bba7-f8321a13bed3" }).render("00499ba9282e4d1b985fa8af14d29c2b"); }); When stored properly, this DIY dusting spray can last for years. A sewable basting adhesive perfect for sewing, quilting, embroidery, pattern piecing, and crafts!